Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Know...I'm not perfect...but things happened

things are being not as smooth as before...
ni smua pasal benda 2 lah..
Partially.. my feeling is quite emotional these days.. but as time goes by I manage to pamper it and now I'm getting better and better... sincerely, its hard for me to forget each and every single moment that we cherish together and then it makes my heart burden too much which it is hard for me to handle it. But... now, from what I am learning from my previous experience, I was so thankful to the experience which help me to understand life better. for me right now, it is just a memories that will be gone as time passed. It doesn't really matter actually for me, but **** make things seems to be so hard.. and actually I know what ****** thinking but u know, a human being plus ego... cannot be separate, so I let the things clear.
Now, I am Feelingless... and this situation keeps me back to my own path and the right path that I should be... Thanx to ***** coz what happen actually is really givin me a full of satisfaction and happiness. I know who is good, bad or anything that going to be happen in the future.

I let myself playing with my inner, until it is ok inside. U know what, u should not give ur fully heart to anyone coz when u give ur feeling too much it can kills ur self while u does not realise it~

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