Monday, July 7, 2008

"Aku Curi Daripada NarimaH"

MY STORY.Hi, my name is:
[♥] Mohd Azhar Andi Tahir

but you can call me:
[♥] Azar@FeyT...Pelacur..+))

Never in my life have I:
[♥] don’t know how to describe...

The one person who can drive me nuts is:
[♥] Won’t tell ya…nda bgus untuk kanak2 d bwah 21 tahun…heheh

My high school is:
[♥] humm..what should I say…MRSM da best…teach me the story of life…

When I’m nervous:
[♥] I cannot control myself and going to talk a lot!!!

The last song I listened to was:
[♥] mary digby…this early morning when I woke up and saw the video clip on MTV

If I were to get married right now it would be to:
[♥] surely I will ceraikan dia, or dia mitak cerai…hiihhiihi

My hair is:
[♥] ... short wavy spiky…shit I hate my curly hair!!!

When I was 4:
[♥] I don’t remember anything!!! Really, I remember my age start from 6 until now…:))

Last Christmas:
[♥]hummm…Doing Nothing,,,:D

I should be:
[♥] taking my shower now but my ass is glued to the chair.( same as Nar answer..heheh)

When I look down I see:
[♥] my cute err…hahahah u should know then…

The happiest recent event was:
[♥] I am able to cook food for my Boss all by myself… I am a great chef!!

If I were a character on ‘Friends’:
[♥] what is their name… ooowhhh old story dough…I don’t watch awful I am…

By this time next year:
[♥] I will be doing my degree, Biology maybe…

My current gripe is:
[♥] “ Di Mulut Berkata YA, Di Hati Berkata Tidak” why should this happen to human these day include me!!!

I have a hard time understanding:
[♥] my feeling…

There’s these girls:
[♥] who are trying to be so nice to me…its weird!!! I hate it!!!why u must be so nice to me!!!

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be:
[♥] won an award??? Never in my life I would achieve that~~

I want to buy:
[♥] a true friend…ketawa dan menangis bersama~~

Where do you plan to visit:
[♥] a Lot…and if I have enough money then I’ll plan where should I be..

If you spent the night at my house:
[♥] empty ur stomach rite now!!! we’re going to eat A LOT!!!

The world could do without:
[♥] BUSH !!!!!

Most recent thing I’ve bought myself:
[♥] this evening I would buy a shirt!!! KK here I cum!!

Most recent thing someone else bought me:
[♥] FooD~~thanx to my Boss~~

My middle name is:
[♥] MOHD AZHAR ANDI TAHIR…which one is in the middle?

In the morning I:
[♥] change my place to sleep from in front of TV to my bedroom…hohohoho

Last night I was:
[♥] watching TV Drama…Jalan Pintas Ke Neraka…shit…Handsome Guy are BAD!!!

There’s this guy I know who:
[♥] that he accept me what ever I was…OLD STORY~~~arkh!!

If I was an animal I’d be a:
[♥] a Cat~~meow!!

A better name for me would be:
[♥] My name was given by my arwah atuk…so I surely Love it!!!

Tomorrow I am:
[♥] going to class…arkh…Chemistry class!!!wuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Tonight I am:
[♥] going to watch TV again!!! Cancel my meeting!!

My birthday is:
[♥] when I stressed.. Then I want to pleasure myself and going to shop!!!

You got this from:
[♥] saw it from ali and grab it from Tantalizing Narimah…and now it’s mine…heheheh


_azhar andi_


- a z h a r F e y T - said...

aku mengaku pelacur????auwwwwwwww~~~

~nareemwahkz you~ said...

bitch. hahahhahaha. bukan ko menang award ka slalu

- a z h a r F e y T - said...

award macaman 2 ya??